Front and Rear Car LED Reversing Parking Sensor System

Front and Rear Car LED Reversing Parking Sensor System

Front and Rear Car LED Reversing Parking Sensor System

Have you ever seen the accidents happened when car is parking? Have you heard the news or watched videos

that people crying of lost family memebers by traffic accidents? 

Front and rear car LED reversing parking sensor system can effiectively help you to avoid these tragedies. It can be installed either on front bumper or on rear bumper. Distance data can be output by feet or meter by yourself. 


1) Car Front & Rear 4 Parking Sensor System , fit for all passenger cars;
2) Model number: CD01-4S1A. 
3) Sensor diameter:16.5mm.Double Angle Sensor with 100 degree for Horizontal. Detecion is much wider. 
4) Sensor cable:2.5m with IP67 waterproof connector.
5) Sensor detection:0-2.5m. 
6) Display range:0-2.5m. 0-80cm.
7) Built-in buzzer range:30cm-1.5m. 0-80cm.


8) Sensor sensitivity is adjustable. You can adjust sensor sensitivity by yourself if it’s too strong or too weak. 

9) You can also choose the front parking sensor system to install at front or rear parking sensor system to

install at rear bumper by your choice.  There are brake activiation and speed activation availble. You can adjust CONFIG1

on to choose front system or off to as rear system.  CONFIG 2 on to choose speed activation and off to choose brake activation

for front system. 

10) If the side sensor is too strong to detect the side obtacles, the system will make false alarm, even it 

is safe now. Don’t worry. You can use CONFIG3 OFF to make side sensor detection limited to 80cm. System

will not make bip alarm or show distance more than 80cm. It can adjust the annoying bip sound. 

11) However, some SUVs or Cars have spare tire or tow bar. Parking Sensor system will make constant bip

or show -P when it detects them. Never mind, you can choose CONFIG4 to remember 25cm from the rear bumper. 

Pls do not remove the spare tire or tow bar after the parking sensor system remembered. If removed, system will mark

it as obstacle and alert drivers again. 

12) Buzzer working distance is from 0-80cm for front system and 0-1.5m for rear system. And your LED display will 

show to relative light color (red-yellow-green) accordingly. 

13) You can install the DSP01 LED display upside down on the windshied or at the back of the car, or on 

dashboard. It can read the distance from Meter to Feet free change by yourself. 

14) Pls install the sensors not less than 45cm to avoid detecting ground. And turn a certain angle for

side sensors. 

15)Package and Shipping. 

Front and Rear Car LED Reversing Parking Sensor System

Neutral Package: White box
QTY: 10.0 SETS .
N.W.:8.5 KGS .
G.W.: 9.5 KGS .
Volume:0.042 cubic meter

Delivery date: 3-5 days after payment received. Sample: one day after payment received. 

Payment: TT, paypal and western union. 

Price Term: Exw

MOQ: 100sets. Sample available.

Welcome to contact for more details. Skype: rittaliyan. WhatsApp:+8618681571251. Email:

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