Car Rear View Multimedia Video Parking Sensor System

Car Rear View Multimedia Video Parking Sensor System

Car Rear View Multimedia Video Parking Sensor System

Car rearview multimedia video parking sensor is a multimedia parking sensor system which connects to the

the original DVD player and camera system. This video parking sensor supports third party camera and both

PAL and NTSC camera available. With this rearview camera parking sensor, there is no blind area for drivers

to park their cars. It can integrates to the original system well.  

Once installed, sensor will automatically activate when in reverse gear. Speaker will emit an audiable tone

after self-diagnosis check. There is rear image, parking data ouput on car DVD player and a visual car,

parking data as well as LED light-up when obstacles approaching.

Key Feature for car reversing camera parking sensor

  • Rearview system universal for all car with DVD player
  • Picture in picture with camera
  • virtual car mode/ 3 LED color bar
  • Parking distance
  • Buzzer alarm NTSC and PAL camera support
  • OPS image without camera
  • Distance data on screen
  • Car mode with LED color alert
  • Detection:0-2.5m
  • Warranty:2 years
  • This video parking sensor is OEM product. It designs like BMW&AUDI.
  • There is a special MCU for video in control unit. Integrate parking sensor data and backup camera image together.
  • The good compatibility for camera. It both works well with PAL camera and NTSC camera. There is no

water wave in the image. The video image is much stable. You can sell this universal kit all over the world. No

limit for television system.

Product Spec.

Model No.: VD01-4S1A

1) Car Rear 4 Parking Sensor System, fit for all passenger cars;

2) Sensor detection range: 0cm~2.5m;

3) Buzzer range: 40cm~1.5m;

4) Advanced self-diagnosis with error indication;

5) All weather design, plastic housing;

6) 4*S1A double angle sensor, 16.5mm plastic flat, 2.5m cable with connector; Connectors for sensor cable to control box are with click lock.

7) Video screen picture in picture digital output, virtual car mode/ 3 LED color bar/distance data showed; picture in picture

rearview image when work with third party camera and monitor; OPS output without camera.                                                     

8 ) BUZ01, “hi-low-off” switch option;

9) Power Input: 9.6~15V DC.

10) PAL&NTSC third party camera support;

VE control box



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