CB01-4S1A rear bumper sensors kit parking

CB01-4S1A rear bumper sensors kit parking

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CB01-4S1A rear bumper sensors kit parking

Key Features

  • Universal for Front and Rear
  • Brake activate or speed activate for front system
  • 12V/24V working voltage, support for bus, too
  • 25cm offset for spare tyre and tow bar, system will not alert within 25cm.
  • Corner sensor limit distance to 80cm, avoid false alarm on side obstacles
  • Thicker cables for stronger pull force
  • 15s faster response from obstacle to control box
  • Smart tracking detection for moving obstacles
  • Better level of anti-interference owing to better capacitor of wave filter and software
  • Adjustable range and sensitivity
  • Adjustable volume control for hidden speaker
  • Free of false alarm
  • Buzzer alert range: 0-1.5m for rear, 0-80cm for front


Control box front  display Sensor available PCB and connectors

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