New Car Front And Rear Reverse Parking Sensor System With Rings

New Car Front And Rear Reverse Parking Sensor System With Rings

New Car Front And Rear Reverse Parking Sensor System With Rings

It’s a upgrade for traditional 4 sensor parking sensors. It integrates front sensor system and rear sensor system in one kit. Sensor is new 16.5mm with rings. The blind arear is less than 0.2m. Response time is less than 150ms. Nearest distnce read out can be 19cm. Smart detection for people within 1.2m. Try our best to ensure you a safety parking. 


  • Front and Rear 4 Sensor Parking Sensor
  • Installed for front bumper or rear bumper
  • Sensor detection is 0-2.5m
  • Display range is 0-2.5m for rear, 0-80cm for front. 
  • Front Sensor System works 0-1.2m, buzzer beeps 0-80cm.
  • Rear Sensor System works 0-2.5m, buzzber beeps 0-1.5m. 
  • Display can read distance from Feet to Meter freely by button on display.
  • There are 3 position for display. Including dashboard, upside down on the rearview mirror, and upside down at back. 
  • Spare Tire and Tow Bar are available for offset 25cm by dip switch 4
  • Speed activation and Brake activation for front system are free choice by dip switch 2. 
  • Side sensor detection limitation to avoid side sensor false alarm by strong sensivity is setted by dip switch 3. 

Trade Term

Payment: TT, Paypal and Western Union

Price Term: EXW

MOQ: 100 sets. 


Model No.: CB01-4S2
1) Car Front & Rear 4 Parking Sensor System , fit for all passenger cars;
2) Free change from Front Sensor System to Rear Sensor System
3) Side sensor distance limited can be changed freely to adjut detection width;
4) Offset 25cm for spare tyre and tow bar;
5) Smart detection for people about 1 meter to enhance the ability to capture target
6) Fast response time from 0.12s to 0.2s;
7)Sensor detection range: 0cm~2.4m;
8) Buzzer range: 30cm~1.5m for rear sysem, 30cm-80cm for front system;
9) Advanced self-diagnosis with error indication;
10) Working weather:-30℃ to +80℃;
11) 4*S2 single double sensor with adhesive rings, 16.5mm plastic flat, 2.5m cable with waterproof connector;
12) Precision accuracy: Free change during CM, M, and Feet;
13) DSP01 display, 2 Color LED 2 Channel w/ Buzzer built-in & Digital Readout; On board, up side down and up side down from mirror installation.
14) Power Input: 12~24V DC. Built-in resettable PTCs to protect the circuit.

More Function details

  • Trim pot and Config switch to adjust the functin of the parking sensor. 

  • Front activation mode choose by Config 2 for speed activation and brake activation

  •  Dip switch 3 for side sensor detection limitation to avoid strong side sensor false alarm

  •  Spare tire and tow bar free for 25cm offset by dip switch 4 

  •  Feet and Meter distance display readout and multi-installation functions. 


  1. Goods are from experienced factory, defect rate less than0.5%. 
  2. Designed by engineer team more than 10 years experience. 
  3. Fast delivery with 1-7 days after payment received. 
  4. Better accurancy, less than 0.2m blind arear. 
  5. Fast response time less than 150ms. 
  6. The nears distance can be read at 19cm
  7. Universal for all car
  8. Free for front sensor system or rear system system. 


Neutral Package: White box
QTY: 10.0 SETS .
N.W.:8.5 KGS .
G.W.: 9.5 KGS .
Volume:0.042 cubic meter

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