Night Vision Rear View Camera Truck And Trailer Parking Sensor

Night Vision Rear View Camera Truck And Trailer Parking Sensor

Night Vision Truck Tralier Reversing OE Style Camera Parking Sensor

Parking sensor is consist of microprocessor, ultrasonic transmitting and ultrasonic amplifying circuit. It calculated
the distance by ultrasonic echo time and alert driver by beep sound and rear view image on display monitor in rear blind zone to achieve safety warning.

It designed specially for truck and trailers under all weather design. The main unit box are sealed waterproof and sensors are OE factory sensors in China. It need to drill holes at rear bumper and fixed by screw to make it more stable.

Product Parameter
1. Sealed Main Unit Control Box

Operating voltage DC12V-32V
Operating current 20mA-200mA
Ultrasonic frequency 40K±1K
Working temperature -30+80ºC
Waterproo rate IP67
Size 16.2cm*8.7cm*4.6cm

2. OEM S1A 25mm sensors

Function transceiver
Centra frequency 40±0.5KHz
Acoustic pressure level >110db
Receiving sensitivity >-70
Aftershock time ≤1.6ms
Full angle 60°±10%
Y-axis directionality 50°±10%
Free capacitance 2000±10%
Maximum input voltage 140V
Working temperature -30ºC~+80ºC

3. HD Sony Chip Camera with night version and ruler

Image sensor 1/3 ‘ SONY CCD ICX639
Resolution 600TV Line
Working temperature DC12V-24V
Working temperature -25ºC~+70ºC
TV system NTSC/PAL
Lens angle 120 °
Waterproof rate IP67

4. Buzzer alarm

Item No. Obstacle distance Beeping Safety
1 <50cm Bi………. Danger, stop right now
2 50cm-60cm Bi.Bi.Bi. Danger
3 70cm-100cm Bi..Bi..Bi.. Warning
4 100cm-140cm Bi…Bi… Warning
5 150cm-180cm Bi….Bi…. Safe
6 180cm-300cm Silent Safe

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